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At SoCal Plumbers 911*, we recognize that Airbnb hosts have very unique needs, like having the ability to address unexpected home repair and plumbing needs promptly, professionally, and affordably for their guests.

That’s why SoCal Plumbers 911 and Airbnb are offering Airbnb hosts located in LA County a special promotion that provides them with 24/7 access to a network of licensed, highly-trained, and insured service providers that can help solve common home repair issues.

Connect with a home repair service professional today: 1-877-888-8808

Don’t forget to mention Airbnb and receive a $75 off** promotional offer.

Learn more about our promotion with Airbnb.

*SoCal Plumbers 911 is an independent service provider whose members provide plumbing and HVACR services.  Airbnb does not provide the services or warrant the quality of services provided by independent service providers and is not responsible or liable for any damage or loss that may arise from such services.

**$75 promotional offer is not transferable and is available to Airbnb hosts only. Offer valid until 2/26/2020.